Information letter – Questionnaire administration

Teachers’ conceptions of learning and teaching: An International comparative study

We would like to inform you about participating in this research on teachers’ conceptions of learning and teaching. After reading and fully understanding you may fill in the COLT questionnaire on conceptions of learning and teaching. The research is conducted by Ms. J.C.G. Jacobs, under supervision of Dr. S.J. van Luijk, Prof. Dr. C. van der Vleuten, Dr. M. Jippes, Prof. Dr. G. Croiset and Prof. Dr. F. Scheele (a collaboration between VU University Medical Centre Amsterdam en Maastricht University Medical Centre, Maastricht, the Netherlands).

Aim of the research
In the present study we compare teachers’ conceptions of learning and teaching in a large international sample. The COLT questionnaire was constructed and validated in the Netherlands in 2012. Furthermore, in a coded form we relate these scores with scores of the medical school’s organizational readiness to change.

The research part in which you participate consists of a web-based questionnaire of 18 items, the COLT (Conceptions of Learning and Teaching) questionnaire. It will take about 5-10 minutes of your time. In an email you will receive feedback about your conceptions on learning and teaching.

All information that is collected during the procedure is confidential. Only the researcher (JCG J) and M. Jippes have access to the data. All research material will be coded and saved separately from your name and other information that directly relates to you. All references to your identity will be deleted before the data are published. Personal scores with names of the participants will not become available for deans or administrators of your medical school.

As a compensation for the time spend for filling in the questionnaire, you will receive a personal feedback form about your conceptions of learning and teaching.

You will not run any physical or psychological risks during this research. Also you are not supposed to feel uncomfortable during the research.

Benefits and drawbacks
There is no direct benefit for you to participate in this research, but we hope to increase the knowledge on medical teachers’ conceptions of learning and teaching with the results of this research. We do not anticipate any drawbacks for you caused by your participation.

Participation is voluntary and you are allowed to withdraw from the study at any time without any consequences.

Ethical Approval
Approval has been obtained by the ethical approval committee of the NVMO (Netherlands Association of Medical Education).

Further questions about the research can be posed at any time to:

Ms. Johanna CG Jacobs, MD MSc
Department of Research in Education, School of Medical Sciences, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam
P.O. Box 7057, 1007 MB Amsterdam, the Netherlands